Special Works

To support our longstanding Clients on smaller commissions, Diamond Build’s Special Works Division specialise in delivering projects up to £1m in value. Recent Clients have included Haringey Council, such as for our Willow School and Riverside School contracts, the London Fire Brigade, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and Enfield, Hillingdon and Hackney Councils.

Our dedicated, close-knit Special Works Team members have worked together now for many years, with projects ranging from Council Office and Residential Buildings, to Schools, Fire and Police Stations, Hospitals and Clinics.

The trades our directly employed tradespeople and supply chain specialists cover includes Electrical and Mechanical Works, Brickwork, Concrete and Timber Repairs, Disabled Adaptations, Plumbing, Window and Door installations, External and Cavity Wall Insulation, Cladding Repairs, Landscaping, Roofing, General Carpentry, Masonry Repairs and small scale installations.

With several multi-trade operatives, we are able to provide fully skilled and resourced teams, working with a minimal presence on-site, and as always carrying out works to our high quality standards, safely and sustainably.

Again our Division can be quickly supplemented by additional staff from our Approved Supply Chain Partners, allowing us to quickly mobilise additional new contracts and meet peaks in demand.