October 14th, 2016

Wellington Primary School, London Borough of Hounslow

Diamond Build were pleased to assist the Hounslow School’s Expansion Programme with the successful delivery of £1.3m of extensive works to the Wellington Primary School in Middlesex.

A complete new junior school was built during a 34 week period together with the remodelling of the existing primary school buildings, the extension of three reception classrooms and a nursery for infant use.

We also installed a large free-standing canopy to protect the children from the rain, and enabled essential additional work space by enlarging the staff room, library, office and group room.

The construction of a studio classroom and meeting room was also completed, together with the creation of new office space and toilet extensions.

Wellington Primary School - North Extension

Wellington Primary School – New Junior Extension- North

This phased project was undertaken within a very tight footprint on site, with the majority of the works completed with the staff and children in occupation.

This was a familiar challenge which Diamond Build efficiently met through effective noise reduction and “safe-zone” initiatives in which acoustic walls were formed within the classrooms. These created temporary whiteboards that the children re-painted and decorated with pictures to create a vibrant and colourful media wall.

Weekend working was implemented during the exam period to ensure that noisy works did not interfere with the pupil’s preparation for SATS.

As reported on the Wellington School website, the children enjoyed the construction experience, especially “as the building work was going on right outside their windows”, and they drew up plans of what they thought the new classrooms would look like “inside and out.”

As one Year 2 pupil declared:

“It’s so exciting because our teacher has let us move all our tables and put new displays up! Now the class looks very nice.”

Wellington School - West Extension

Wellington Primary School – New Junior Extension – West

A progress meeting was held every morning with the Head Teacher to inform the school of the day’s proposed works to ensure this would not interfere with their daily routine.

The work of our Contract and Site Management, Wayne Chatten in particular was commended by the school, and the whole team’s diligence by Hounslow’s representative in their Client feedback.

Through an initiative prompted by Contracts Manager Terry Driver, Diamond Build were able to provide cost savings through the re-use of windows and doors that had been upgraded only two years previously, after cleaning and upgrading their furniture as part of the overall refurbishment.

Diamond Build are proud to have supported both Hounslow and the school with the delivery of this project.

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